‘300′ Video Diary #4 Hits

300 video journal 4The new video journal from '300' has been "discovered"…and… its even less revealing than the last three blogs…. I got an email…

Zack Snyder is a slut.
hey. I was checking out the 300 movie video journal and watching the behind the scenes stuff, anway by changing the number in the address bar managed to watch the 4th episode which isn't up on the actual site yet.

enjoy Kango

So anyway here it is '300' video journal number four (mirrors at the bottom of the page) As Zack states at the beginning its a sneak peak for comics continuum

A lot of the production artwork for this film is looking sweet, and the original Frank Miller artwork was very… well…. 'Frank Miller'. I'm enjoying the current trend for video journals for upcoming films, 'Superman Returns', 'Hot Fuzz' and King Kong are good examples, but I think they need to give us a bit more than this, It's a month and half since the last installment and we waited for what? a guy discussing cloth, and some more greased up dudes running around in front of blue-screen?

I'm complaining but, if we'd seen even some rough composite C.G stuff, of even some more stills, I think I'd be a little bit more satiated. The photos that have been released so far (like the one above) make me really confident that Snyder has the right Idea, I'm a big fan of the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake, and from the look of how closely he's storyboarding the film compared to the comic, I predict big things for '300' and even bigger things for Snyder (the gay audience for this film alone, should make the producers their money back).

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The '300' Movie Site
Track from the score (click on the player on the bottom left of the screen)
An exclusive from comics continuum

6 Responses

  1. “the gay audience for this film alone, should make the producers their money back”

    ROFLOL oh dear! I too am excited, especially as a David Wenham fangirl.

    Maybe the whole comic book fandom thing isn’t so bad after all. I went to Wondercon and… it was a special atmosphere with special people. It makes something inside me sparkle. Like Lord of the Rings goblets.

  2. I thought everything was impressive. I love the music. Unusual. This movie will really be something. I’m a history buff. I can’t wait to see more.

  3. Judith, I think ‘Histroy – Buff’ is a pretty good description of this movie.

  4. I look just like the dudes in this clip. except scrawny, and shorter, and with more body hair. I have a cape.

  5. I could probably climb into that that guy’s arm and fit comfortably and he wouldnt even notice.

    I love the making-of video-blogs.. the machismo is proper – like i heard jarhead was like puny actors get buff and then go into rages kind of situation.. but this i suspect is just ultimate buffness like…24 hours a day manflex … they are probably too out of their heads concentrating on carb intake and protein drinks to even string a sentence together…lending their performances a certain level of intensity – and they look like real warriors not peanut heads on ‘roids . I hope the whole movie is not just them getting angry in small crowds and standing on rocky outcrops though.

    One actor says like..’if your not nervous before a workout maybe your not doing it properly’ or something..thats like pure hardcore mantalk – and you can’t blame them if they have to stand around in capes for the whole movie. respect.

  6. I’ve seen the movie and all I can say is that: it Rocks