‘300′ comic to screen comparison **UPDATED**

300 comparisonOK my interest in the film '300' is bordering on obsession. I thought it might be interesting to see how closely Zack Snyder is sticking to the original comic books. Pretty damn closely it appears.


I totally stole this idea from filmrot, as they did the same thing when Sin City came out (here) but well imitation is the highest form of flattery. Although 300 isn't as close to the comic books as Sin City was it's still interesting to see atleast that Snyder isn't putting too much of his own 'spin' on things and is sticking to Frank Millers vision.

**UPDATE** THE 300 TRAILER IS ONLINE IN QUICKTIME AND HD, check it at apple.com here **UPDATE**

The image comparisons have now been updated with stills from the Hi-def apple trailer, however there are some stills that featured in the comicon leaked trailer (see below for links) that isn't in the latest trailer, the comparisons for that footage is online in our flickr account here

If you haven't seen the comicon trailer yet it's kicking around here, here and here

Click through with the pink link at the bottom of this article to see the rest of the images or go straight to our flickr account here (unless you're already on the article page that is)

To see bigger versions of these images click on a still to be taken to our flickr account where hi-res shots are available in the 'all sizes' menu above each image. Enjoy!

solace_comparison_001comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'

comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'comic to screen comparison of '300'

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  1. Dude,
    I too can not wait until the 300 comes out in 2007. The wait is killing me right now but I know in my heart of hearts it will be worth it….cya

  2. Nicely done good sir. I am very excited for this movie to finally arrive.

  3. Nice work!Cannot wait for 300.Dieing to see the official trailer in a decent quality.What an awsome Graphic Novel.Long live Frank Miller!

  4. Nice, but #13 is wrong. You’re comparing the shot when Stelios jumps over the kneeling King Leonidas just before the final massacre (film frame) with the shot where Stelios jumps up and cuts off the hand of the messenger who is using his whip (comic frame) earlier in the story. I think you’ll find there’s a comic frame that matches your film frame, and also a film frame that matches your comic frame too, though.

  5. Thanks Chris.. i’ll break out the scanner again when I have a chance and fix it up

  6. You forgot one very cool shot from the comic that is in the trailer. The one where Leonidas throws his last spear at Xerxes. That’s one of the best scenes IMO.

  7. this movie looks incredible….i legitimately shit myself when i saw the trailer. can’t wait to see it

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  9. With the new release of the trailer, you definitely can find the frame of Stelios leaping to cut off the emissary’s hand to match your comic frame from #13 (at about 00:49), and of course there is a frame in the comic to match the film frame you have in #13 as well, once you get your scanner working again — it’s in the Victory chapter/comic, depending on if you have the orignal comics or the hardbound graphic novel format.

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  12. Thanks for the comparison. It reminds me how great Frank’s art is. His stylized illustration is still way cooler than any live action version. That said I think the movie looks really good and I can’t wait to see it.

  13. Thanks for the totally awesome comparison what a fabulous eye you have! any idea what city the U S prem;iere will be in? thx a Frank Miller fan

  14. I wish thed make a hidef version of the comicon trailer, that would make me salivate, on top of the goose bumps I already get from this orgy of violence and art.

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  17. Amazing comparison. Great feature. Kudos.

  18. I can’t hardly wait.Anxiety is killing me!!!! Gerard Butler is King Leonidas’ incarnation!!!God!!

  19. Comparativo: Ilustraciones e imágenes de 300, de Frank Miller…

    Una comparación entre los dibujos originales y las imágenes cinematográficas de 300, de Frank Miller….

  20. La verdad es que llevo bastante tiempo esperando para que salga a la luz esta película, y se me está haciendo verdadera una eternidad.
    Gracias por las imágenes.
    I’ve been waiting for this movie for quite some time, and it’s becoming an eternity to me until this film will be finally released.
    Thanks for the images.


  21. impresionante el Frank miller este!

  22. Duuuuddddeeee! I just saw a film trailer of 300 recently in my local theater and it was AWESOME. I can’t wait to see the film when it comes out in 2007. Although, I thought the Dark Knight was always a classic but Sin City and now…300 is right up there.
    Thanks for the previews and keep them coming.

  23. Wow!

    This is great!

  24. Do a barrel roll!!

  25. AL FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saludos y gracias desde Argentina.-

  26. Damn! This Is Great!

  27. Cool \m/
    (from Venezuela)


  28. hey Galindo,
    cooler streifen, freu, freu ,freu.

  29. simply awesome.. de movie stills r betta than de comic !

  30. I linked to this page on my site, I hope that’s ok. It should be up at some point later today.

  31. Al fin !! ya era hora que hicieran la peli. Y como se puede ver será fiel al cómic. Gran Noticia. Saludos a todos los “millerianos” xD

  32. I am glad I am not the only one obsessed with this movie!!

  33. The trailer is phenominal!! I am looking forward to watching it when it comes out in theatre. I have most and own most of Gerard Butler’s movies and he never seems to amaze me. Gerard is an amazing actor and it’s hard to believe many people have no idea who he is. The last movie that I have seen and own is Beoulf and Grendel also a great movie, I was not pleased to know that the last movie never played nor can you purchase the movie in the United States I had to purchase from Canada just to get it.
    I am glad to see that I will at least enjoy watching 300 at the nearest theatre thsi time.


  34. Unbelievable cinematography. Any word on this coming to IMAX? Few movies have captured the essence of frank miller’s comics like this. Can’t wait for the orgy of violence and art.

  35. Nice, very nice…

  36. hello,
    thanks for posting this
    I’m even more excited now about the film after seeing these photos.
    I blogged about it and linked to your site.

    would love to hear your reactions when finally get to see the film.

  37. Thanks! What a cool page!

  38. Well done! I’m also excited to discover how close the movie seems to be from the comic. Hope we will not be disappointed!

  39. Just a quick note.I saw this film in it’s entirety in IMAX format at the Metreon in San Francisco with the Director and producers and 299 other lucky winners of a preview drawing.I don’t usually think much of fantasy movies like the Lord of the Rings,Chronicles of Narnia or other like that but this film was differint.Other than being very violent it was inspiring as well.Don’t discount it as being a flight of fantasy to quick for it had a few good elements that you will walk away with.I can highly reccomend it for a film to get you motivated for acient history of warfare.We all know the story but this is a very good version of it.If you are the slightest bit curious check it out on or after March 9th.Scott

  40. I saw the movie. Guys, it was great! I will see it again, i will find the comic, i will buy the DVD, i’ll find books to read about the story again. Great!

  41. I love Miller’s artwork, I really do. But it’s so…stylized and beyond reality that it doesn’t seem like it fits cinema very well. The art of the graphic novel will not be imrpoved by making it come to life.
    Incredible graphic novel, and looks like an interesting film. Can’t wait to see it tonight.

  42. the art amazing… the movie, orgasmic. good show.

  43. my boyfriend and i just saw “300″ in the theater yesterday. we were breathless! i love this movie even more than lord of the ring! excellent and so fun i couldn’t believe it!

    loveeee it!


  45. I watched the movie over the weekend. it was FANTASTIC! The graphic was awesome… Hollywood film production is stepping up there game with the CGI technology. You can check out some behind the scene clips of the movie at zannel. its just so crazy how the entire movie was created by the CGI. Great movie!

  46. Hey Thanks for setting this up exactly what I was looking for

  47. As a Persian I was really frustrated to see How far 300 the movie has gone to fabricate
    Lies and disrupt truth. Being a fan of Lord of the Rings and legendary movies, how you feel when your ancestors are depicted as Orks?

    Because this movie will not be screened in Tehran, I had to download screener version form torrent. Enjoy evolutionary CG visuals in IMAX but bear in mind if there was a monster it wasn’t us. Actually back then slavery was forbidden in Persia while each Spartan had several slaves.

  48. I’ve now seen 300 4 times and i’ll be going back to see it again and again until it leaves the thetre…. i’ve had favorite movies like scareface and braveheart but nothing compares to king leonidas and his 300…. i’ve finally found an idea for my first tattoo!!

  49. although this film is great graphical film but the film show pesians(and their king) as a wild and first humans.every one now that persians had a great kingdom and culture.cirus the great was first king who had a great empire and love peace.
    i think the story is a political story .
    are you think how much food need for one milion soldier for a long time?!
    at the end i advise you just see the movie and don’t believe the history.
    he is the real persians king(and isn’t nude!):

  50. a history teacher

    I did not expect Warner Bros. Picture company, as one of the world’s largest producers of film and television entertainment to ignore the proven obvious historical facts, and damage its own reputation by showing the Persian army at the battle of Thermopylae as some monstrous savages, and thus create an atmosphere of public mistrust in its content, and hurt the national pride of the millions of Persians while doing so.

  51. for you people complaining about the persians, shut up. its a friggin movie, get over it. im sick of people always complaining, just like the jews when passion came out. get over it. the jews killed christ, the persians were conquerors. face history. to some they were monsters. if you dont like history then dont watch a movie about it. stop crying. everyone is always hurt or offended.

  52. It’s based on Miller’s 300 and not the actual historical event. You whiners are so narrow minded that you completely forgotten it’s “FRANK MILLER’S 300″.

    No one who is legal to watch the movie will think of Persians as Ogres and Monsters with blades sewn on to their forearms. No one is that stupid to treat fantasy / sci fi as real. Why bother explaining?

  53. I’ve seen the movie and I can see it a thousand times. I really cannot understand why the heck there is a so pettish audience out there! Who said it is a historical movie? Who said that there are political meanings and messages?

    We’ve seen so many crappy movies, average too..This is not one though. It is a very good movie, with excellent soundtrack, well-fitted to the scenes, excellent photography, amazing screenplay. The cast was also ‘beautiful’. You can feel as if you are there with them.

    It is a more that ‘descent’ movie, that should not provoke political or ethical issues, because it is a comic. We don’t judge Persicans for their ‘barbarism’, we don’t just Spartans for their cruelty …killing their own (ill) babies!

    Many Persians could be infuriated, many Greeks could be disappointed. The story they see is not the true story, neither for Persians nor for Greeks.

    It’s a fiction, a comic on the HUGE screen. But now, so many wonder if Xerxes was as poweful as God, and they may look for the history of the Persian King that dreamt to conquer the world. So many will also wonder if Spartans were really war machines, and they may look for the true story of those amazingly stable and ethical people…And when they will know the true stories, they may be more equipped to judge all of them according to their times and their history (please include me too in the ‘they’)

  54. I loved the movie 300 and thought that they did an absolutely amazing job on it! Practically the entire movie was filmed in front of the blue screen. Great acting, phenomenal computer graphics, amazing story.. There were no “slow” parts in the movie and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. Everything was done perfect and I don’t think that it could’ve been done any better. Two thumbs way up!

  55. Jennifer Carmen Martin

    I loved the movie 300 and thought that they did an absolutely amazing job on it! Practically the entire movie was filmed in front of the blue screen. Great acting, phenomenal computer graphics, amazing story.. There were no “slow” parts in the movie and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. Everything was done perfect and I don’t think that it could’ve been done any better. Two thumbs way up!

  56. Great pics!!! Great movie!!! Tonight We dine in HADES!

  57. Awesome.. amazing comparisions!
    300 rulez!

  58. yeeeeeah,toma ya chato,que peliculón. es impresionante la fotografia que posee la pelicula. VIVA ESPAÑA!! ARRIBA ESPAÑA!!

  59. Spartans

  60. I saw the movie on Sunday and it was amaizing (I agree that I could see it a 300 times). I had done some basic reaserch on Leonidas, Xerxes, and some other characters.
    Yes I agree that it is based on a comic, but the important thing is that it occurred. Yes maybe not with the monsters, but baseline it occurred. The curage or sacrifice of 300 made the rest of a country see they could and should fight no matter what the odds to defend their liberty.
    It was a perfect mix of Gladiator and Troy … without it being compleatly deformed to “fit” the star of the movie (like Troy).
    I wanted to fight something when I left the theater !!!!
    Bodys amaizing, photography amaizing, everything amaizing !!!

  61. Very good site! I like it! Thanks!u

  62. Dude, awesome article. Thanks for posting


  64. Leonidas I (the BRAVE)


    excellent movie!! the FILM is so awesome that i cud feel the electricity crawling up my spine.. this is my KIND of MOVIE!! 5 thumbs up guyS!! SIMPLY TRULY AMAZING. the GRAPHICS! The ACTION PACKED FIGHT SCENES.. its AWESOME!!

    F_CK to those NARRROW MINDED critics! theres no ethical, historical or political issues here its simply an AWESOME movie based on FICTIONAL comics by the great FRANK MILLER. y dont u guys jus SHUT THE F_CK UP!

    to our IRANIAN(Persians) brothers, lets make PEACE NOT WAR..JUS ENJOY the entertainment brought by the FANTASTIC movie, “300″.. ={;;;;;;;;>

  65. Leonidas I (the GLADIATOR)

    GO stranger, tell the Lacedaemonians the here we lie, Obedient to their Command.
    (engraved on the tomb of Leonidas I together with the Brave 300 Spartans)


  66. Fantastic movie, it’s identical to the comic. Soberbius, wonderful, brilliant … ufff I don’t know what to say to express what I feel after having seen that film, it’s a masterpiece!!

  67. A text in spanish about 300.

  68. the best movie ever!!!!!

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  70. Thats pretty sick shit bra. You got some serious time on your hand though. Keep up teh good work.

  71. when u watch the movie, its like getting inside the comic book. same thing with sim city. i need to get the comic book.

  72. I haven’t seen the movie yet!! but I heard a lot about it last couple of days… First I thought “well ok it’s comic, let them portray Persians as monsters…people know it’s joke or rather just a qute game kind film” but when I read these comments I feel sorry for those who think this shit 300 and the story is true…
    Greeks themselves named the Persian king as Xerxes, what the meaning???

    And to american audience: Enjoy the movie for 2 hours but don’t get brain washed by Hollywood..always look up the original sources..even Greek books

    And to Warner Bros. : You guys must be enjoying this…any comment on this movie means CASH for you..

    The Greeks and the Persians respected each other to a very high level. It is Hollywood’s fault.


  74. my name is joe davis\i hve seeb tge movie 54 times i love it i think that pthe persans are so hott and i was wondering how they got so big

  75. when is 300 coing out on DVD

  76. I love comic and film.

  77. Muy bueno!! — Excelent!! _

  78. when does it come out on dvd?

  79. Honestly, I walked. Somewhere about the middle of this film, amid the cardboard gloom and doom I found myself reminded of the old cliche about the book being better than the movie — and thinking, “You know, knowing Frank Miller, I bet the comic book version is better.” This was amusing. So I left the theater and went over to the local book store and concluded the saga.

  80. The film was so bad. The CGI effects were really poor. Millers comics are so graphic that they don’t work on film.

  81. hello, greetings from argentina.
    the truth is that I loved the movie. I watched it like hundreds of times, and I still wanted to watch it again.

  82. you really now alot about this.

  83. Hello greetings from Australia.I have not seen this movie yet; but I’ve heard alot about it, might be interesting.I think it’s not over than a comic movie and it’s absolutely fiction, also persian must not be infuriated.

  84. Greetings from Denver. Loved the movie. And loved the comparisons you made. It explains a lot about why they did what they did in the film. Thumbs up!

  85. It’s based on Miller’s 300 and not the actual historical event. You whiners are so narrow minded that you completely forgotten it’s “FRANK MILLER’S 300″.

  86. Hi it,s very oryginal movie ! This movie looks incredible. Thanks for your site

  87. Buena película, mejor tema. Reune todos los elementos de una gran saga épica, EL Imperio, Las Pretenciones, Un Pueblo Guerrero y Valiente, El Gran Amor, La Inmolación del Héroe. todo tan actual y tan viejo, mientras más cambian las cosas más siguen iguales.

  88. I just watched this movie to see what the fuss was about it being racist. I really enjoyed the action of this movie and the expression of honor and courage it put put forth. However as an African American historian, the movie and the comic book are both extremely inaccurate. If it is just fantasy they should have used a fantasy kingdom and not Persia. They should have made character in the likeness of the heroes and villians they want to depict. When king Leonidas calls the Greeks “boy lovers” it is ridiculous due to the fact that the Spartan society was the most diehard male/male and female/female eroticism on the planet at that time. They even made several of the Persian generals black Africans in this movie. I guess because it was a slave army in the movie. They dressed the Persian ary like modern day muslims from Afghanistan which is of course highly inaccurate since Persians were not practicing islam at that time. Xerses a mighty king is dressed as a naked masscare wearing mulotto homo. This is also highly inaccurate. The spartans were however were falsely depicted real men that do not take have sex with boys which is also a lie. They were defending that pass to prevent Xerxes from discovering the truth because he would have not given the honor that he had given all the other armies he had conquered. He would have massacred all of them because of their homosexual practices amongst the men and women of Sparta. The fact that this movie is made while the US has a nasty vicious relationship with Iran presently is no coincidence. It seems to be a movie promoting a longed for pure white male superiority over all the races of the earth. With the courageous white male on the west fighting against all odds to maintain his superiority against the overwhelming multiculturated and multiethnic non whites from the east. In this movie the white man can count on the loyalty of his white woman not straying to the other side. This is evident when Leonidas looks to his white queen for permission to kill the black African messenger. Which is obvious why black men were cast in this film since white women overwhelming stray to black men. “Only Sparta women give birth to real men”. This is obviously a homogeneous segregated society. The movie is nothing more than white male propaganda at best anti non-white male at worst. While I did enjoy the highlighted death scenes of the Afro-Persians and the evil eye Afro-Persian dude in the beginning of the film, I doubt if I will see it a 2nd time. Anyone claiming that this movie is not racist would also claim that Birth of a Nation is not racist. For the record you are wrong to think that people will look at this film and research the truth. Most whites will not do the historical research because it is better for their false ego to hold on to this fantasy of superior white males. Like those back in the day that refused to let black men box, play basketball, football and baseball. We only recently have allowed black to be quarterbacks because of its relation to a leadership position. Since those white male ego fantasies can be proven outrageously wrong in real life the movies and media portrayals of white males as the ultimate male is all they have left.
    So let them have at least that. If that is what they need then then that is what they need. I only feel sorry for the fact that regardless of films and other media exacerbated portrayals of white males will not stop white women from “disloyally straying to the other men no matter how badly the media portrays them. That must be very fustrating considering that black women and other women stay with thier men (99%) despite anti-non white male media propaganda.

  89. I forgot to mention that the 300 were not alone. They were accompanyed by other armies in total there may have been 10000 soldiers in that famous battle.
    Do not forget that this story is brought forth by Herodotus a historian of questionable reliablity as far as the truth is concern. He is reputed as a great exaggerater. It is no different that the story of Samson going into a villiage and brutaly slaying over a thousand men with his barehands

  90. Amazing. I love this movie. It is one of the best movies I have ever watch :-)

  91. Man, those comparisons are great. He did a great job in keeping to the original! I enjoyed the movie, although it was a little (too) violent for me. So was Sin City. But the cinematography is amazing and that’s why I went to see it. I was also stunned to see how well they casted the movie – kudo’s to the entire team.
    Now onto my little rant about Andre’s remarks above– thanks for the conspiracy theories. Have you read Capitalist Nigger? Written by a black man, who basically says that the African-Americans need to get over their victim mentality and start taking advantage of the freedoms they have. I, for one, picked up no racism from the movie and therefore the movie is not propagating racism. It’s not like I got out of there and wanted to have a fight with a black man. In fact, I even went to go see it with one of my African friends and he certainly picked up none of that rubbish you’re talking about there. And you must remember I come from what was one of the most racist countries in the world – South Africa.
    Yes, we know the story is inaccurate – it’s a mythical story, based on mythical accounts of an historical event. That’s what a great deal of fantasy is. If you were looking for a historical story, you can always watch a BBC documentary or the History Channel. The 300 was not meant to be a documentary!

  92. people miss the point and are patronizing with their criticism.
    they think other people might mistake a film with 9 foot tall god kings as the truth. these people think too much of themselves.

  93. That’s really interesting. I saw 300 and it was well a good stress reliever. All I did was sit there and watch. I didn’t have to think. I didn’t even cared about history and all.

    It’s amazing that this has gone to the next level. In addition to this, I’ve heard that some people from Asia are dubbing some 300 scenes and are converting dramatic dialogues from the movie into something nonsense yet funny.

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