The trailer for ‘Inland Empire’ … is.. weird

Inland EmpireLove him or loathe him Daivd Lynch is a man you can't deny has never really wavered from his own, very personal style of film making. The trailer for the new Lynch film 'Inland Empire' has turned up on the net on a russian site and so now obviously, it's everywhere.

Inland Empire is Lynch's first all DV film, and looks like it's something he's using to his advantage. Lynch is a guy that likes to mess with our ideas of reality and perception and the DV quality seems to add to that by removing the gloss of celluloid. Ok Film Student nerd talk over.  Interestingly though the trailer contains snippets of Lynch's series of shorts 'Rabbits' a weird mix of anthropomorphism and industrial noise (starring a couple of famous people, all contained within rabbit costumes). Ok really i'm done now.

Here's the synopsis from imdb:
Married actress Nikki (Laura Dern) is offered a role in a motion picture which is to be directed by Kingsley (Jeremy Irons), Nikki's co-star is called Devon (Justin Theroux). Nikki's role is Sue, Devon's is Billy, but they end up in bed with each other. They're calling each other the names of their characters in the movie. From here on, it is impossible to tell if Nikki is actually Nikki or Sue… 

well that cleared it all up then. 

Good or bad it'll almost certainly be unsettling

Check out the trailer on youtube here (or grab the downloadable flv here)

and check out the official site here  (but as of now it's still sans-trailer)


found over at twitchfilm


3 Responses

  1. Quite a cool trailer but I’ve heard it doesn’t really work. Too long and it’s improvised (yuk!) Laura Dern is good they say but actors trying to improvise Lynch sounds bad to me. Gutted.

  2. as if this was going to be anything different from the typical plotless collection of disturbing and confusing images we’ve come to expect from Lynch. I don’t question the mans filmick integrity, rather the viewers who shoulder him up as a remarkable genius. Yeh he’s done some fine cinema, but a god amongst men? I think not. I’ll still watch this if only to satisfy myself that it is indeed as derailed as I’d expected, but secretly hoping for something more from him.

  3. Just read Lynch’s new book, Catching the Big Fish. What an eye-opener. The dude has been meditating for 30 years and credits meditation with his creatvivty. Can you believe it? Meditation! If you love Lynch, you’ll probably love this book