Harmony is back with ‘Mr Lonely’

Harmony KorineIt’s been ten years or more since Harmony Korine blew a hole in the indie scene with the unbelievably cool ‘Gummo’. He hasn’t directed since the crazy ‘Julien Donkey Boy’ in 1999. What’s he been doing? Drugs mainly. He lost the interest in films and everything (apart from some pop videos and filming his buddy David Blaine in a box) and bummed around between Paris and London for a few years. Then, in 2005, he got his mojo back and he started to write a new movie called ‘Mister Lonely’ with his bother Avi Korine. A tale about celebrity impersonators who end up in a Scottish-based commune of impersonators. The amazing cast includes Diego Luna, Samantha Morton, James Fox, Werner Herzog and Anita Pallenberg. They play impersonators of Marilyn, Chaplin, Jacko, The Queen, The Pope, Madonna and Abraham Lincoln.

Morton has called the script “the most beautiful movie she ever read”. Korine himself says “I’ve been living with these images for over a decade” and that this time “no-one is going to feel like I am punching them in the face.” Personally I’m ecstatic that a true artist is back working in his natural medium while he’s still young. He’s a pretty modest guy but he’s feeling confident this time, calling ‘Mr Lonely’ “my best work, I’m sure of it”. Can’t wait.

If you’re not interested in him check out his appearances on Letterman and get back to me:

Here and here

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