Final ‘Grindhouse’ poster? and the word on the split

Grindhouse poster

The latest poster for ‘Grindhouse’ dropped over the weekend, and looks like it may be close to being the final draft. It must be close considering the film is out in April. It’s odd but it feels like their should be a longer wait for this film, like it’s come around too fast. Not that that’s a bad feeling.

So the rumours that dimension and The Weinstein company will be splitting up the film into two pieces in foreign territories appear to have been confirmed, but in a twist it will only be happening in certain non-english speaking countries.

Variety cites the reason:

most non-English-speaking territories have little tradition of a grindhouse double bill. So the central conceit of the film — two short exploitation films, separated by faux trailers for upcoming cheapies — would be lost.

What a crock, I’m pretty sure they’d get it… even from say… watching the trailer. It’s a bullshit ruse to make people pay twice for a film they should only be paying once for. I’m glad it’s going to be all in one piece here in the UK, but feel bad for those that will have to pay twice to get the full experience. Speaking of full experiences when the hell are we going to see ‘Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair‘?

In order to try and help out our foreign friends the Tarantino Archives has started an online petition, and although I have little faith in these things, I signed it anyway. Put your name down here

Read about the grindhouse split at variety here

See a bigger version of the poster at Impawards here

2 Responses

  1. [...] Solace in Cinema have a copy of the latest Grindhouse poster online which, given how close we are to the film’s release is probably going to be (or be very close to) the final version. [...]

  2. Splitting the film is such a cheap move – and it completely undermines the whole point of the film.

    I’m far from convinced that the petition will make a difference, but I signed it anyway.