Another Sunshine first impression: So good it made my face melt, twice.

Sunshine - Sci-fic done rightAt the risk of sounding like one of those desperate, hyperbole-loaded quotes you read on film posters by media outlets you’ve never heard of (e.g. ‘Music and Lyrics’ is so funny I almost puked out my own ribcage – AZQL TV), I’m going to just going to come out and say it: Without a doubt Danny Boyle’s Sunshine is one of the greatest science-fiction films of the past few years. I’d rate it safely up there with my favourite film of last year, ‘Children of Men’, as the kind of intelligent, chilling and balls-to-the-wall thrilling kind of film that the majority mega-budget overblown sci-fi flicks dream of becoming.

An excellent cast with stand out performances from Cillian Murphy (’28 days later’, ‘Batman Begins’), Chris Evans (’Fantastic 4′, not old ginger nuts) and Cliff Curtis (’Once were warriors’) really helped to lift the already decent script above the usual hammy nonsense foisted upon these kinds of stories. To be honest the real stars of this particular show were the awesome production design and top-tier special/visual effects.

Some of the sets and shots of the exterior of the ship have to be seen to be believed. Like the work seen on ‘Children of Men’, the production team have excelled in creating a believable and gorgeously detailed world for the characters to exist in and the result is never less than perfect. What struck me most was the sheer scale and quality of the VFX and SFX, leaving the overall impression of a film 10 times Sunshine’s budget. It’s no exaggeration to say that the work on show here shames most of the effects that mega-bucks Hollywood sci-fi films churn out.

Another brilliant element of the film is the occasionally brooding, sometimes uplifting and always excellent soundtrack by Underworld and John Murphy (who’s score for Boyle’s ‘Millions’ I was a fan of). Some sequences, when coupled with the also excellent sound design have to be heard to be believed and one particular crescendo (you’ll know which) was seriously stunning when coupled with what you’re seeing on screen.

The last thing to say is this: Sunshine is on those films, like ‘300′, you simply HAVE to see on the big screen, preferably on the biggest, loudest one you can find. Trust me on this. There is no doubt it’s going to lose some of the impact if your first viewing is on the small screen (even if your ’smalll screen’ is a 60″ plasma). See it big and see it loud because I’ll be very surprised if Sunshine isn’t in my top 5 films of 2007.

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  1. Sadly, for me it’s one of the best sci-fi’s of recent years but STILL utter crap with awful acting and nothing new to offer aside from some snazzy late 90’s effects and tricksy editing.

  2. Skimmed the edge of your review to keep myself relatively spoiler free. I’m really looking forward to this one and Hot Fuzz.

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