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Marc SingerMarc Singer’s debut film ‘Dark Days’ was a stark look at the homeless community in New York and their lives spent sheltering in disused subway tunnels and the homes they built for themselves in the darkness. The film won several prizes at Cannes and signalled that Marc Singer was one to look out for. Seven years on it it appeared he had dropped of the face of the earth but this apparently is not the case and Singer’s back with new documentary ‘Warriors’ based around the life of soldiers in the U.S Marine corps.

I wrote a post (ages ago) about Singer, and his new film but at that point the only information we had was here-say and conjecture through a friend-of-a-friend. Now my boy Microphenia turned up an interesting little promotional piece on a camera rental site all about Singer and his new documentary. The article is largely a puff piece about the camera he’s using but there are some interesting bits of information buried in it:

The film I’m making now is about a Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Platoon. It’s a special-purpose unit roughly analogous to the Navy SEALs or the Army’s Green Berets and widely recognized as the “special forces” of the Marine Corps. Force Recon personnel, or “operators,” perform highly specialized, small scale, high-risk operations and receive a variety of specific training that far exceeds that of a regular Infantry Marine. They are independent, work in very small teams and conduct the majority of their business well beyond enemy lines. The type of missions that come down the pipeline for a Force Platoon to execute are normally the ones that you never get to hear about because they are either very risky or tend to be classified. I’ve been given the opportunity to be the first civilian ever to be allowed to follow them.

‘Warriors’ is currently filming at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

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