Fuck you Harvey Weinstein!

Harvey Weinstein, assholeWithout wanting to go all Al Pacino.. FUCK YOU WEINSTEINS!..FUUUUCKKKK YOUUUU!!

Here’s the news as simply as I can put it without breaking out in some kind of tourettes style outburst. Due to the Weinstein’s influence; Momentum (the UK distribution company for Grindhouse) will not only be splitting the film into two separate pieces, but they’re not releasing Death Proof until September the 21st, and Planet Terror has no release date as yet.

You can read their bullshit press release over at variety if you so choose (via filmstalker)

OK… here’s the thing, I was cool waiting until June (the original slated release date when it was all in one piece), I really was. I wasn’t happy about waiting and having to attempt to avoid youtube clips, reviews and smug stateside people on message boards until that date… but I was going to try and give it a go. If for nothing else just for the cinematic sanctity of taking in the new Tarantino film, and the new Rodriguez film, ..together…unspoilt and in one sitting.

I can’t have this film dangled over me like filmick whitebait anymore, I’m already sick of waiting, and i’m sure as hell not going to hang around until September just to see the film in a state it wasn’t designed to be shown in anyway… AND… PAYING FUCKING TWICE FOR THE PLEASURE!!!!

Here it is, straight up… I’m not waiting until September. I will be downloading Grindhouse, either that or i’m going to walk down the road and buy it on dvd from a Chinese guy in Tesco’s car park.

I rarely download films, and I’m a more than frequent cinema-attendee, which considering the prices in London where I live (It averages about £9 a ticket.. that’s.. well considering the low-dollar at the moment, about US$20) isn’t something to be scoffed at. I just can’t wait another five months for something I’ve already been waiting a year for.

I could cry about It a bit more, call for boycotts, but I’m sure people can make up their own minds how to deal with the situation. I know what I’m doing.

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  1. Wow. That’s one stupid move. What the heck are these guys thinking? I can see that they are trying to get some of their money back but this is NOT the way to go about it.

  2. It’s the only reason I can think of that they are doing this. Two films means twice the money. They can’t seriously believe it flopped because of the length of the film can they? After all it’s aimed at a specific audience already, it isn’t really going to gather a lot of walking off the street audience surely.

  3. It’s idiotic, and an incredibly see-thru attempt at a cash grab and nothing else. I can see why they’re having difficulties marketing it… but splitting it up and delaying the release is the act of people who have run out of ideas

  4. Here we have yet another example of the studios insulting our intelligence and treating us with disdain. Weinstein must think that we’re too stupid to see through this desperate attempt to claw back some of the outlay for a film that was always going to have fairly limited appeal, particularly to the once-a-month popcorn munching hordes he’s pandering to. I wouldn’t pay to watch these films seperately as to me it’s more of a concept than a movie, an exercise in stylistic re-creation that would surely wear thin over two seperate outings. As someone who goes to the cinema probably twice per week, I’m against downloading and illegal pirating, so I’ll probably wait for it to be on tv. At least then I wont be putting any money in big Harv’s pocket. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask…

  5. It’s all really rather ironic. This is a film which honours a genre which few recognise. A genre made up of Z movies which barely anyone saw.

    Now, granted, it is a film directed by Rodriguez and Tarantino but ultimately this film is going to have a minority audience because of its roots.

    Tarantino, certainly, is becoming the director of his influences and therefore his box office appeal will degrade.

    This is not a reflection of their progression as directors. They are both finer than they have ever been and are being afforded the money to make exactly what they wish which is a marvellous situation for any film maker.

    The problem is, as stated in the article; Weinstein. Surely he should have had the intelligence to anticipate that this would not have a large appeal to a mass audience before he green lit them. With that he should have provided budget’s he thought necessary. At the same time, he is a producer and head of a studio. He didn’t get there without figuring out his finances etc. Therefore I think it is odious of him to not honour the vision of the film makers that he showed faith in.

    It isn’t as if they are making a debut feature.

    Now, instead… believing he is making the film mass markatable, he is alienating the audience that WOULD go and see them.

    What’s more, they may very well be out on DVD stateside by then. That is another thing… why is the BO so important nowadays when so much revenue is generated by DVD releases.

    sigh… it is simply another case of studio egos thinking they know better. Will they ever learn?!

  6. I read that (at least for Germany) they are not only going to split the films up, they are also most likely going to take out the trailers. WTF? Paying twice for only two thirds of the experience? As Jeff Costello said, it is the concept that is interesting. The concept is the whole point of it.

  7. I’ve seen it now, and honestly I think by splitting it up they’re heading for a bigger fall. As Jeff and Marla already Mentioned it’s about the experience, and having said that after seeing it; splitting up the films is like cutting their horse down the middle and hoping it’ll make it gallop faster.

    The films on their own are almost semi-formed. The storylines are super simplistic, action-packed but feel shorter than they are… well.. they’re Grindhouse movies, pure and simple. After watching Planet Terror I was pretty much just warmed up.. and then it hits you with Death Proof. It works beautifully as a fully formed film, and I honestly don’t think I would have enjoyed it half as much if i’d watched it as two seperate pieces.

    Cutting it in half… AND releasing it at different times I think is a big mistake.

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  9. Good for you Culturalelite. This is fucking gross, frankly. I like the analogy about the horse. Hey, imagine how much better Pulp Fiction would have been if the three seperate storylines were released as seperate films. It could have been a TV mini-series. Perfect to run over the Easter bank holiday?

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  12. Great post!