‘John Rambo’ trailer… part hilarious, part awesome, part garbage.

Rambo, … John Rambo

There doesn’t seem to be a youtube version of this trailer available yet, so you can head over to aintitcool and try and check out a quicktime version, but I think they’re having bandwidth issues and the version I downloaded seemed to break-up halfway through. So I voted for the flash version over at Firstshowing.

It’s weird but I get very mixed feelings watching it, John Rambo as a concept seems to be totally outdated, like this film doesn’t belong anymore. Also I was never a massive fan of the ‘jungle’ Rambo films, I was all about ‘First Blood’ though but this doesn’t seem to have anything in common with that. I thought these kind of films were only still being made by the WWF.

This coupled with the fact that I did actually laugh out loud on more than one occasion; When he was tending snakes, When he chops the guys head off with one blow and when he tore the dudes throat out roadhouse style. Who knows how ‘John Rambo’ will turn out…for me the jury is out until I see the finished film much the same as It was until I saw ‘Rocky Ballboa’ which was actually a pleasant surprise… but perhaps only because my expectations were so low. Ho Hum

**UPDATED** there’s a youtube version here **

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  1. he is a would superstar in hollywood i really like the personality i bigfan next amitabh bhachan ok

  2. i like your film very much aiam a grate fan of your

  3. Sylvester Stalone is the greatest actor this world’s every seen. It is impossible to laugh out loud at him and if you do laugh at him, you aren’t a fan and therefore should not be talking about him like you are. Simple as that.

  4. ok man it is very good film.are you guy

  5. Death by 50 calibur – GO RAMBO !!!