Trailer for ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’

I’m not sure exactly when this dropped online, it’s seems to have only arrived a couple of hours ago, the source is hazy… I came across it on the imdb message boards.

I really wanted this to be good… but well my judgement… (you’ll have to picture it) **turns thumb down**makes raspberry noise**

I’ll reserve full judgement until I see more, but so far… i’m not happy. It’s like they took an episode of the OC and threw in a Terminator walking through fire and some bland-looking fat-necked dude to play the Arnie role. That’s bad in case you’re wondering.

6 Responses

  1. You try and raise your son right, the father isn’t around (yet) and what does the little brat do to repay you? He starts dating a Terminator.

    Looks bland and predictable, but Summer Glau rocks. I just wish they would take the time to re-watch the original a couple of times. if ever a franchise needed to return to its roots…

  2. I thought the original was boring, T2 was one of the best action movies I’ve ever seen, T3 was lame, and this looks lamer.

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  4. stargate sg-1 episode 200 had the sg-1 team in OC style. great for comedies.

    and why is Summer Glau always naked?!?

  5. This looks awful. This is TV right? They’re fast tracking some movies now too.

  6. It’s apparently a television series to appear on Fox… here’s the Wiki article:

    It will probably do as well as Blade’s television series, by which I mean badly.