Nice.. the ’spoiler’ t-shirt

from Threadless

Do they have it in my size? of course they don’t. stupid popular size.. always coming round here.. telling me what to do… hate world.. revenge soon… take out on everyone…

4 Responses

  1. That’s a nice shirt…although it just ruined Harry Potter for me, and that’s a great loss to humanity.

    Is the Donnie Darko bit really a spoiler? I don’t know if you can really spoil the ending of that film because we don’t truly understand what happens do we? The focus of the film isn’t really his death?

    Oh my lord, why am I even starting this discussing. Look, the shirt is cool!

  2. Yeah… I’d say that the Harry Potter spoiler is a tad premature…

    Cool shirt, though!

  3. Not really, that spoiler was everywhere when the book came out.

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