Ridiculously obsessive ‘The guns of Heat’

The guns of heat

I love articles like this, put together by someone so crazed about a certain aspect of a film they spend the time and effort to write up a massive article detailing the entire thing. It’s crazy but it’s the kind of thing the internet was made for… writing about guns, films, reading ‘Soldier of Fortune’ magazine and touching yourself at the same time.

I spotted this over at digg, the article ‘The guns of Heat’ details all the guns used in the film and lists the names and model number of each weapon. beautiful.

Check it here, and there’s a similar article here

While we’re on the Michael Mann tip…double-tap to the chest

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link – imfdb.org is my site. :) And I promise I’ve never touched myself to ‘Soldier of Fortune’, the girls and guns calendar on the other hand…

  2. [...] I LOVE crazy obsessive nerdy movie-related web mashups like this, It falls into the same category as the guy that catalogued all the gun models they used in Heat (’The Guns of Heat‘). [...]