8 minutes of Die Hard 4.0 (or whatever the hell they’re calling it now)

Live free or Die HardDang, if you’re just getting into the office/college/waking up and sitting in your pants and watching ‘Trisha’ (or Oprah for our american readers) then grab a cub of coffee/tea and watch the first 8 minutes of Die Hard 4.

That’s right.. 8 whole minutes…
Check it here

This cropped up on a Japanese site last week but the quality was so bad I couldn’t be bothered with it, but now we get it in (relatively) decent streaming format. Incase you were wondering, the double hard bastard with the big gun is Cyril Raffaelli, an amazing french martial artist (He was the blonde dude in Banlieue 13, and a raft of other action stuff) an amazing dude

So anyway the fanboys were up in arms because of the announcement that the film was going to be rated PG-13 (probably a 12 here in the UK), but seeing what they can get away with in lower rated films nowadays means i’m not worried. The ratings seem to me to have gotten a lot softer, consider the mis-judged ‘children being hanged’ scene in Pirates 3… I swear they couldn’t have put that in a disney movie when I was a kid…

(despite said scene, that is in no way an endorsement of Pirates 3, a film so awful i’d rather get an incurbale strain of Ebola than sit through it again)

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  1. hum, I do like my die hards, but i just don’t feel the love with this one yet. “you tell me, you’re the criminal” just feels like a mediocre hook.

    i’m sure i’ll end up dragging myself along to it if the reviews are good though.