‘My Name is Earl’ obviously doesn’t pay very well

Alvin and the chipmunkswith jason lee

Just when you thought they couldn’t scrape anymore from the bottom of the barrel… they bring us this abomination.

I’m not even going to write anything about it, I just hope Jason Lee watches himself back on the screen when he’s done filming, feels dead inside, and thinks “I don’t have to do this… I can do better”

Hopefully the dvd for ‘Ratatouille’ will be out by christmas (which I still haven’t seen but I hear it’s brilliant, Brad Bird nails it again) to give your kids something better to do than watch this drek.

poster via comingsoon

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  2. Haha I saw this poster in the theater today. All I can say is where’s the gold chains?

  3. This has reminded me of the ‘chipmunks go to the movies’ spin off, in particular the back to the future episode). I just wonder how they are going to explain the whole ’single guy raising three talking chipmunks that he dresses up like people- but never with trousers- and makes them sing in a pop band’ set up, which i always overlooked in the cartoon.

    In a way though I hope they keep scraping the barrel, I’m holding out a for a Wuzzles movie adaptation personally (like the Island of Dr Moreau for kids).

  4. Hahaha I remember the Wuzzles!

  5. chipmunks huh well someone had to do it, but yeah its a low for ol j i just wish he would go skating more often

  6. but why are they dressed like a technicolor run DMC?

  7. I… I just… A piece of my soul just crumbled to dust. I think they’re about to start rapping. *sob* Oh, my lost childhood.

  8. Kevin Smith, Jason Lee ,& Jason Mewes need to hook up again and make another Mallrats.