Comicon third-hand information

Hellboy 2 the golden armyThere’s so much juicy stuff coming out of comicon (this is the big weekend though) that it’s all just too much for me to cover, so i’ll cover the big shit i’m interested in in greater depth in seperate posts and here’s the list of stuff i’m missing out:

A little look at the new Hulk (he looks pissed)

and some new artwork for the film with the MKIII suit (both via slash)

This was from last week, but the Watchmen casting was confirmed and Zack Snyder revealed a teaser poster with a heavy nod to the original book covers

It was revealed that Karen Allen will be in Indiana Jones 4, now officially titled ‘City of Gods’

The Poster for comicbook adaptation ‘Whiteout’ is revealed (very VERY close to the book cover) but footage from the film gains a less than stellar reaction

A poster for ‘Southland Tails’ is revealed. Will anyone even care about Richard Kelly any more when this film is finally released?

The poster for ‘Hellboy 2: The Golden Army’ is revealed (pictured) via

Sony release a redband trailer for Resident Evil 3, it’s available on their site. I’ll choose my words carfeully for this, but ‘Resident Evil 3′..MAY… … shit.. as the other 2 **ducks and runs for cover**

On a related note it’s fun browsing the ‘comicon’ flickr tag at this time of year if you enjoy looking at cosplay nerds of varying degrees of quality (usually overweight people in lycra) but i’ll give special props to Metal Gear solid flunky and mini-Fett

4 Responses

  1. RE3 WILL suck. In fact the trailer only proves it has nothing to do with the games still.

  2. Theres 2 reasons I speculate about it. 1: This time there actually looks like their might be some gore. opposed to the sanitised PG13 paul anderson crappola. 2.The guy who who is directing it has does some decent stuff.. Highlander for example. admiitedly all hes done since then is shit.

    Youre right though If I HAD to put money on it… I would bet on it sucking badly. I just always wanted this series to deliver the goods since I read the original Romero penned script back in the day.

    also the thing is since the beginning this franchise has had literally nothing to do with the games and they’re continuing in that vein. It’s become it’s own beast. A lame shit beast

  3. a ha a ha ha, a ha ha ha ha ha a-uh…
    not suck? What are you *tlkaing* about!? The teaser looks cool, I get a bit interested, I can’t see the red band, cos I don’t have a ‘ZIP’ code, so I watch the normal trailer and it’s complete nonsense! The crappy exposition by the Michael McKean look-a-like scientist, the guy looking into the dark… (yawn) and then stone the crows, it’s the crows! They’ve nicked the bloody crows out of 28 Days Later!
    CulturaElite, my faith in your ability to judge a movie is waning faster than plans for an evening with Ingmar Bergman.

  4. Actually the crows are a problem in th resident evil games so I wouldn’t say they lifted it from 28 days since the games are older. But whats up with Alice clones being a major part of the story? Alice doesn’t exist! She should be a major part of anything!