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I was browsing impawards this morning, and came across a set of new posters (mostly for british films) but all were just beautiful, clean text, no massive actor headshots, great use of type and colour. I want them all.

The company responsible is a London based graphic design company called Allcitymedia, I talked about them before as they’re the dudes that put out the great ‘Old Joy’ poster. They’ve obviously got some good designers on staff and do the UK quad market proud. I can pick their designs out of a crowd now, and am glad that such great graphic design still exists in the movie marketing industry.

Really digging this one for ‘Control’, great use of colour…


Reprise movie poter


couple more at impawards here: ‘Someone else‘ and ‘Hands of the Gods‘ and check some of the allcity back catalogue here

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  1. thanks for the kind words man. Glad that our hard work is appriciated. We all have a great passion for film and are very blessed to get to work on such amazing projects.

  2. Checkout:

    1 X UK Quad “Control” (2007)

    Confirm Purchase?


  3. We love Allcity too- (I even wrote a whole case study on them for my degree- 4000 words of appreciation) hence all the work we do with them here at Soda, glad to see the Someone Else and Old Joy posters getting a nod here too!

  4. just re read that and realised it sounds like we work with them cause of my university ramblings- Soda were working with Allcity long before i put pen to paper.

  5. Yep, as far as I’m concerned AllCity are the only design team who constantly deliver with their quads, which are almost always a lot more interesting than their US equivalents. I’ve personally collected the This Is England and Old Joy ones and would love to pick up the Elephant and Pan’s Labyrinth quads at some point too. Keep up the stellar work fellas!

  6. [...] die fabelhaften Filmplakate von Allcitymedia bin ich heute bei solace in cinema aufmerksam geworden. Eine Auswahl der Arbeiten gibt’s hier zu [...]