Nice ‘No Country for Old Men’ posters, and McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ moves forward

‘No Country for old men’ poster

‘No Country for old men’ poster

‘No Country for old men’ poster

Some sweet posters for ‘No Country for Old Men’ the new Coen Brothers film have dropped onto the interpipes. Great combination of type and photography. i’m loving it.

I’m actually pretty gutted it’s not playing at the London Film Festival (might be the surprise film, fingers crossed) especially becuase the States get it early November…. and the UK once again gets fucked in the ass with a late January release.

Cormac McCarthy’s books all have a really compelling quality to them, ‘No Country for Old Men’ is really hard to put down, but isn’t half as bad as ‘The Road’ which I read in one sitting.. it’s just that good. It’s a bleak but realistic look at a father and son trying to survive in america after the country has been ravaged by some kind of apocalyptic disaster. The government is gone, the land is gone, most of the people are gone… all that’s left is the occasional survivor, ash, and the search for food.

I read a while back that ‘The Road’ had been optioned to be made into a film and that John Hillcoat (the proposition) was on board to direct it and now Dimension have officially picked it up. There’s also some rumours flying round about Viggo Mortensen being cast as the father, but that’s all they are, rumours… not trumours.

posters via impawards

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  1. What is it about the Coen brothers and shots of people’s feet? “Millers Crossing” was full of them!

  2. PLEASE!! tell me where I can buy these posters!!