Real ‘Fortress of Solitude’ found. Brandon Routh still missing.

When my buddy Gui showed me these photos I honestly thought they were Photoshopped, or faked in some way, but no, they are apparently real photos of a cave recently discovered in Mexico. Oh and nothing to do with superman… other than I thought they looked a lot like the Fortress of Solitude (Brandon Routh’s hotel room).

Check some of the other amazing photos here and here

Brandon Routh is incidentally still MIA after ‘Superman Returns’ AKA ‘Lifting Things : The Movie’ and word is he’s not returning for ‘Superman: Man of Steel‘ in 2011 (Though does pop-up in Zack & Miri as a sheepish gay pornstar) . Lets just hope it’s not his fucking piano-pushing latchkey kid taking his place. blargh

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