Teaser poster crops up for Romero’s latest. Mmmm brains

So the title ‘Island of the Dead’ seems to have been scrapped for now… shame.. I wanted to see some sweet action on an island for a change

George.. please don’t fuck it-up. It’s just us. Come on, we’ll take this real slow. Remember how good your movies were? you remember don’t you? Remember flyboy? remember the Monroeville mall? remember Savini? yeah course you do. You don’t need handheld cameras and bullshit shakey cam. You’re George A. fuckin’ Romero, one of the fathers of modern horror. You’ve got nothing to prove. Let’s just pretend Diary of the Dead didn’t happen. sssshhh shhhhh come on. sleep…

I fucking love zombies. Fingers crossed this will be amazing, but there’s always new Norwegian zombie flick ‘Dead Snow’ to look forward too if it’s rubbish. (Teenagers in the snow + Nazi zombies = Munching = awesome)

Romero poster via shockillyoudrop (never would have guessed it from the giant fucking watermark across it would you)

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  2. Dead Snow looks rather awesome, wonder if we will get to see it in the UK.