More ‘Terminator Salvation’ footage hits the net *updated*

*UPDATE* yeah it was bound to happen, it got taken down, however, seek and ye shall find *

This is currently being ‘disappeared’ in the mafia sense of the word from most places around the web, but luckily we still have a copy. It’s worth checking out if only because you get to see some more of Bale, more Sam Worthington (both interesting actors) and some more sweet robot action smashing some shit-up in the dessert.

The set-up of this movie gets me interested, unfortunately the ever-present retardo-named McG is there to give me a swift kick in the cock, and that coupled with things like ‘WE’VE GOT 10 DIFFERENT TERMINATORS IN THIS MOVIE’… makes me really fucking worried..


4 Responses

  1. I agree I was already to dig out my !

  2. Whoops pressed enter to early!

    I was going to say I wanted to dig out my Terminator t-shirt and love this movie then they mentioned motorbike terminators and cried into my sleep.

  3. He sounds awfully chipper while talking about the apocalypse and nuclear war…

    This is going to be rubbish.

  4. Danger signs =

    ‘We did a lot of research on the internet.’

    ‘It’s great fun. You get to do a lot of fun colouring-in drawings!’


    If any of those 10 terminators disguise themselves as a cassette tape, I’m out-a-here