Trailer for Winding Refn’s ‘Bronson’ …hmmm

I wanted to catch this film at the London Film Festival but just couldn’t spare the time from my schedule of playing xbox in my pants and occasionally touching myself in the happy place. I really like Nicholas Winding Refn’s other work; the Pusher Trilogy, Bleeder, even ‘Fear X’ with John Turturro which i’m pretty sure nobody saw except for me…and perhaps John Turturro.. but maybe not. This on the other hand… I don’t know looks weird. I’m interested in Charles Bronson as a character (Britain’s most notorious prison inmate, spent 35 years in prison and even had a wing built to keep him away from the other prisoners and guards) but this looks a bit too much like it does nothing but glorifies who he is.

There’s a spate of books published here in the uk ‘written’ by retired east-end gangsters with titles like ‘Ronnie ‘The Teeth’ Collins: Portrait of a double-ard barstard’ that frankly make me want to puke. These are people that made a lot of money through extortion and violent crime, that are now admired and given book-deals because they’re real ‘cockerknees’. dogshit. So it might be an understatement to say that film versions of these kind of books… don’t interest me, much like the recently released ‘Cass‘.

I trust Refn based on his previous work to be smarter than this, and hopefully it’ll be a much more well rounded film and a film worth talking about.

I’ve no idea if ‘Bronson’ will make it to cinemas, but Winding Refn’s also got another movie (A viking film starring the awesome Mads Mikkelsen) in the pipeline that may well arrive before we see this released, until then dig out one of the pusher films (Also starring Mikkelsen) or FearX (see the trailer below)

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  1. The line between exploring a criminal mind and glorifying it is always a slippery slope.

    Logan Lamech