Catching up with Valhalla Rising…and the AFM et all

Man I am really jealous of Todd over at Twitch, He’s currently at the American Film Market checking out promo reels for a whole bunch of projects i’m really interested in. He’s seen some stuff from the live action adaption of ‘Blood: The Last vampire’

Blood The Last Vampire. The ultimate success of this one is going to depend largely on how convincing star Gianna Jun ends up being in English but on a purely visual level? Damn. This thing has definitely got the goods.


but he’s also checked out the Promo Reel for the film i was babbling about a couple of posts back; Nicholas Winding Refn’s ‘Valhalla Rising’ starring Mads Mikelsen

Nicolas Winding Refn’s viking epic has been one of the most anticipated titles going in these parts from the day it was announced and if the promo reel that the Wild Bunch have on exhibition is any indication then Refn fans are going to be very, very happy. Mikkelsen looks stellar in the lead role, the rest of the cast is very strong, and this just looks like sparse, brutal perfection. Another winner from the director of Pusher.

Still not convinced, check out the on-set reports from Valhalla Girl on youtube. Or my favourite so far below…

Follow Todds excellent coverage of the AFM over at Twitch

and check out a bunch more images on flickr here

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