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Too Late The Hero

So as the rest of the movie blogs sit down to talk about Michael Caine in the remake of Sleuth, Solace is posting about naked girls. Naked girls, the late, great Denholm Elliott and Michael Caine.
A month or so ago I found an unusual set of promo photos taken presumably on the set of Robert [...]


There’s a few things to get out of the way before I get onto the movie which I saw on Friday night in 3D at the IMAX. Like most people I know, the trailers and stills for Beowulf had left me completely underwhelmed. The CGI rendering of the cast was last used to good effect [...]

The Golden Spinnything trailers

While Cinematical are worrying about the god-bothering dollar in relation to The Golden Compass all we really care about at Solace is if it’s going to be any good or not. If we had our own alethiometer one needle would be pointing to a small pair of bollocks while the other would be quivering over [...]

The Imagiwhat of Dr Parnawhohuh?

I love Terry Gilliam’s work, but while most agree he can go a little over the top I don’t mind that as long as he doesn’t get too twee. After the mess of The Brothers Grim I’m hoping that Gilliam has got all the nonsense out of his system and poisoned the saccharin a little [...]

Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime

When the Southland Tales trailer came out the boss said:
“It still looks like a mess to me, interesting.. but a mess. I want to be proven wrong but I don’t think I will“.
I don’t mind the mess at all just as long as it doesn’t suck. I’m tired of movies foreshadowing every dumb move and [...]

Quiet… he’s coming…

There’s a non fuzzy version of the ‘Clover / Cloverfield/ Slusho’ trailer up on Apple

Check it out here (thanks to Rob for the heads up).

Day Watch is coming

Just because the master of the house is off playing vikings doesn’t mean things slow down too much around here. I’m off to see this on Monday:

Cool subtitles aside, the American version of ‘Night Watch’ was a mess. They gutted it. Be interesting to see what they do with a film that centres around a [...]