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‘Anvil!: The Story of Anvil’ poster… the new ‘The King of Kong’

I haven’t talked about this film yet, but trust me on this, in six months it’ll be the documentary every good film nerd will be talking about. I don’t wanna get hyperbolic about it, but i’d compare it to ‘The King of Kong’ in the way I think it will really get a lot of [...]

Daniel Day-Lewis gives me the stink eye

I love it. Day-Lewis looks creepy as hell in the trailers for Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘There will be blood’ and he seem to be able to do the same in poster form too. Well either creepy, or like he just let go of a fart, tried to hide it, but it was obvious to everyone [...]

Trailer for ‘In Prison my Whole Life’

I posted a link to this in the mini-review of this film below, but I think it’s worth posting directly again, because the more I remember about the documentary, the more I think how much I liked it. The trailer features a couple of excerpts of some really shocking news footage they used in the [...]

LFF opinion: ‘Kidz in da Hood’, ‘Heartbeat Detector’, ‘In Prison my Whole Life’ and ‘Unrelated’

Kidz in da Hood
Dir: Catti Edfeldt and Ylva Gustavsson
I was wary off the bat with ‘Kidz in da Hood’ (F├â┬Ârortsungar) because of the ‘kool’ spellings in the title, that coupled with the fact that it was a ’street’ movie for children made me start to worry for my sanity before I even sat down in [...]

LLF Review: Califronia Dreamin’

“A secret NATO train filled with US Marines is halted by a bolshy local station master; rambunctious Balkan farce moves inexorably to tragedy as the soldiers and townspeople try to fraternise.”
Sitting down to watch what I thought was going to be a dark satire on the conflict in Kosovo, and American military interference in foreign [...]

LFF Review: Zoo

Some subjects, although seemingly interesting documentary fodder are always going to be difficult to watch when they’re committed to celluloid. Certain things are just genuinely difficult to digest, other things are ultimately not as interesting as the filmmakers thought they would be and some things… well…they’re difficult to take seriously, no matter how balanced and [...]

The London Film Festival line-up is announced… what are you looking forward to?

I really do have a lot of love for the London Film festival, they always seem to have a good mix of mainstream films i’m looking forward too, arthouse films i’ve been reading about and then they throw them all in with a bunch of dark films from Denmark i’ve never heard of and new [...]