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The London Film Festival schedule is announced

I just got back from the London Film Festival press launch. There’s a lot of really great looking films playing this year and as soon as the press screenings kick in at the beginning of October I hope to be covering as much of it as I can….
I’ll comment more later on the films that [...]

Last day of the Frightfest compeition…

If you haven’t entered your name for a chance to win tickets to the opening night of frightfest: Maybe you should. Find all the details here
I’ll draw the winners at random at 5pm today.

10 passes for the opening night of ‘Frightfest’ to give away. woot!

We don’t run give-aways very often… mainly becuase I don’t have anything decent to give away. Except of course.. the gift.. of sweet lovin. Which is actually harder to give away than you might imagine. Anyway.. get to the point.
The awesome London horror film festival ‘Frightfest’ kicks off next thursday (the 23rd of August) and [...]

Sundance dances with animals

There's nothing wrong with loving animals… they're lovable! But there's a line you don't cross. The Sundance Film Festival annunced its non competitive line up recently, but one film I didn't notice in the Documentary section, was a film called "Zoo". Its a documentary about a man who died having sex with a horse.
"The unusual [...]

Sundance, Sofa so good!

This is a fairly long post as it details the announced line up for Sundance at the bottom. 
As you probably know, there's a section at the Sundance Festival that's non competitive, and the line up was announced some time this morning. God how I wish I could be there… But I can't. so I'm [...]

To Dance in the Sun for the first time at Solace

Greetings chaps and chapettes       
This is my first post here at Solace. I really wanted to make it a good one, and I thought I'd nailed it.
2 Hours ago, I was watching the final credits of Pan's Labyrinth. For those of you who might know me, this movie was one that I was anticipating with [...]

Interview with Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden (Half Nelson)

Half Nelson is just starting to get some exposure on this side of the Atlantic, but in the states it's already being touted for Oscar nominations. Originally shot as a short 'Gowanus Brooklyn' and now turned into a full length feature, 'Half Nelson' is the debut feature from director Ryan Fleck and his writing partner [...]