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First image from behind the scenes of ‘Avatar’

So this is the first proper still we’ve seen from Cameron’s new movie ‘Avatar’. There’s a lot of backlash against cameron for Titanic, but I say fuck the haters, this is a guy who has genuinely pushed Movie technology forward and is continually striving to do interesting things with the medium. Plus he did Terminator [...]

Trailer for Ghostbusters the Video Game.. mmmm… meh.

I seem to remember this looked cooler when we saw really early footage like a year ago. This trailer seems like nothing but a bunch of cut-scenes from the game taped together with ectoplasm and Ernie Hudson’s dream’s. I preferred it when it looked like Gears of War with Proton Packs.
Check it out in high-res [...]

‘Anvil!: The Story of Anvil’ poster… the new ‘The King of Kong’

I haven’t talked about this film yet, but trust me on this, in six months it’ll be the documentary every good film nerd will be talking about. I don’t wanna get hyperbolic about it, but i’d compare it to ‘The King of Kong’ in the way I think it will really get a lot of [...]

Alternative versions of posters… aw.e.some

It’s partly the graphic designer in me, partly the movie nerd and partly the obsessive child that collects everything, but I love seeing released posters, and the ones that will never see the light of day. I’m not sure if this is just a UK trend or what, but I sort of wish they would [...]

Cloverfield + Google Maps + Time + Nerds = ?

I LOVE crazy obsessive nerdy movie-related web mashups like this, It falls into the same category as the guy that catalogued all the gun models they used in Heat (’The Guns of Heat‘).
I need to give Cloverfield a second watch, dug it the first time (on a huge cinema screen, amazing sound, low expectations) but [...]

New horror ‘Triangle’ gets a poster (and other shit I missed)

I’ve missed a lot of horror news while i was away from the blog, mainly because the horror scene moves at such a fast pace, films are announced, produced and distributed in such a small time frame that things flew past me faster than …umm… your mum (?)
‘Triangle’ is the new film horror director Christopher [...]

The Kevin Bacon Movie Club.

Join the Kevin Bacon Movie Club, and Kevin will come round your house an watch the movie with you. I would really pay good money for this service. For real. Then we’d watch Tremors and Pyrates on loop.
I wonder if Kevin Bacon is good at ‘Six Degress’? you would think he would be…
and on [...]