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First Impressions ‘Ratatouille’

I’ve been so crazy with work recently that I’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit, i’ll be back in full force soon enough but right now things are gonna be a bit quiet. I’ve still taken in a couple of previews for upcoming films and in lieu of proper reviews you’ll have to settle [...]

Ferme La Bouche – ‘Tell No One’ Review

Remember the French guy Etienne from Danny Boyle’s ‘The Beach’? No? Nor me, but he (Guillaume Canet) has just made his second film and it’s called ‘Tell No One’, or ‘Ne le Dis a Personne’ if you’re feeling Gallic. Originally a novel by Harlan Coben set in and around New York State, Canet has skilfully [...]

Review: The Lives of Others

I was going to see ‘Sunshine’ last night, but fate intervened and I ended up seeing (from what I understand) a film that could not be much more different, ‘The Lives Of Others’, and I have to say that I’m pleased that things turned out as they did.
Set amidst the backdrop of the German Democratic [...]

Outland Emperor – Inland Empire review

I’ve been a little disappointed by the releases at the box office of late. Aside from maybe two or three films, there’s been very little that I’ve wanted to see, so the new David Lynch film ‘Inland Empire’ easily made it onto my radar. In general I like Lynch’s films, even though I don’t know [...]

Review: 300

It’s more than possible this will be the second positive review i’ve done in a row after ‘Hot Fuzz’, meaning of course I may have to self-harm afterwards in order to build up my inner-hatred again, or maybe i’ll just go and watch ‘Smokin’ Aces‘ for a second time.
On Friday I had the good fortune [...]

When Pensioners Attack (Review: Notes on a Scandal)

I’ve always been slightly scared of old women. There. I’ve said it. This fear probably stems from being aggressively verbally abused on a regular basis by the mad old bag that lived on the street where I grew up. She used to sit on the corner shouting at all passers by like Satan’s right hand [...]

Review: Hot Fuzz

Considering I’ve been raving about Hot Fuzz for what feels like forever, It feels slightly pointless writing a review of it. I’m almost tired of it, but I think I might actually just be weary of hearing myself rave about it rather than tired of the film itself. Somehow, i’ll find the strength deep inside [...]