The ‘Predator’ rap. “YOU SET US UPPPP!!!!!”

I ain’t got time to bleed… but I do have time to rap!

‘Preadtor’ is one of my favourite movies of all time, and still stands up as an awesome piece of action film making, back from when McTiernan was busting out movies like this, ‘Die Hard’ and ‘The Hunt for Red October’… instead of making crass remakes of ‘Rollerball’ and tapping peoples phones.

While we’re on the subject If you’ve never seen his first movie ‘Nomads’ starring Pierce ‘REMMINGTON STEELE!” Brosnan…’s also worth checking out. Dirty L.A horror. Check the trailer here

The Wickerman remake, The gift that keeps on giving.

About a year ago I posted the ‘Best of the Wickerman‘ video, and even now the thing has me cracking up. Fortunately for me the large part of my brain that is devoted purely to processing ‘Nic Cage + running in woods + bear costume + punching teenagers in the face = funny‘… well it rarely get’s tired.

and through the magic of SFX.. we now know why Nic Cage is so upset…

The Wickerman remake may quite well be the greatest comedy of it’s generation.

Best halloween costume ever?

I make no secret of the fact that John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ is one of my favourite movies of all time, so while I was randomly searching for something on google images (nothing to do with John Carpenter, The Thing, Kurt Russell or even flame throwers…really..) I came across this Halloween costume on flickr of a guy dressed as MacReady. f..u..c..k..i.n’ sweet

Not only is this guy a total badass, “full of win” etc, but he attended said halloween party with a bunch of other guys dressed as Kurt Russell’s movie characters. Badassedness. To the max.

I really hope they all made lewd Russell-puns all night “wanna see my Thing, it’ll make you say “you gotta be fucking kidding”, or perhaps “they don’t call me Snake for nothing, not even the president can save you now honey”

Which is of course how I talk in my head all day long.

Check out ‘Team Russell’ here, and here

and see the original MacReady costume here

On a similar tack check out this great ’sweded’ version of the horror classic… I wish it snowed in London

New image from ‘The Road’ and a first review arrives

The first review has dropped from The Road, and while not without fault it sounds pretty damn good. New image from Rope of Silicon.

New Ledger shot from the ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’

Odd seeing Ledger shots from ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’… even now. (via slashfilm)

New Watchmen poster accompanies the extended trailer.

I’ve re-read ‘Watchmen’ twice since it was announced the film was in production, and it’s one of the few properties that the more I see from it, the more relaxed I am that it’s in the right hands with that good-looking bastard Zack Snyder.

In between this new poster (originally from Yahoo movies) and the extended trailer that played during the scream awards, you can call me Captain Boner and the Boner Police. You heard me.

This post will not make me popular AKA The teaser trailer for the Friday the 13th Remake (updated)

**updated with a better copy, no the shitty youtube video**

So I saw this trailer at this year’s Frightfest, which quite honestly is never a good place to view things objectively as I was all hopped up on caffeine, and had been watching people get eviscerated on screen all day. When this played right before the godawful ‘Mirrors‘ I was all like “woah!”.. and then I was all “ohhhhh”… then I was “holy fuck!..MACHETE TIME!!!”.

Looking at it now i’m like “meh”. Which just goes to show you that ingesting 2 large cans of generic energy drink, and well over 1000ml of taurine, makes almost anything exciting to watch.

As i’ve stated before I really like the Nispel remake of ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, and this seems to be following in the same vein, so I will be giving it a look when it comes out, but aside from the pretty slick Jason-runs-at-camera shot right at the end… i’m as yet unimpressed…