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The Kevin Bacon Movie Club.

Join the Kevin Bacon Movie Club, and Kevin will come round your house an watch the movie with you. I would really pay good money for this service. For real. Then we’d watch Tremors and Pyrates on loop.
I wonder if Kevin Bacon is good at ‘Six Degress’? you would think he would be…
and on [...]

Catching up with Valhalla Rising…and the AFM et all

Man I am really jealous of Todd over at Twitch, He’s currently at the American Film Market checking out promo reels for a whole bunch of projects i’m really interested in. He’s seen some stuff from the live action adaption of ‘Blood: The Last vampire’
Blood The Last Vampire. The ultimate success of this one [...]

Marc Singer’s excellent ‘Dark Days’ on google video

I think i’ve talked about Dark Days before, and Marc Singers new film (now scrapped) ‘Warriors’. Dark Days was a great debut for Singer and made a big splash on the festival circuit when it was released back in 2000, and it still holds up as a great piece of documentary film.
DARK DAYS, [...]

More ‘Terminator Salvation’ footage hits the net *updated*

*UPDATE* yeah it was bound to happen, it got taken down, however, seek and ye shall find *
This is currently being ‘disappeared’ in the mafia sense of the word from most places around the web, but luckily we still have a copy. It’s worth checking out if only because you get to see some more [...]

The ‘Predator’ rap. “YOU SET US UPPPP!!!!!”

I ain’t got time to bleed… but I do have time to rap!
‘Preadtor’ is one of my favourite movies of all time, and still stands up as an awesome piece of action film making, back from when McTiernan was busting out movies like this, ‘Die Hard’ and ‘The Hunt for Red October’… instead of making [...]