Director confirmed for ‘30 Days of Night’

The film adaptation of comic book ’30 Days of Night’ is in the works over at Sam Raimi’s production house. I just read over at Coming Soon that David Slade, director of new paedo-revenge flick ‘Hard Candy’ has signed on as director. I haven’t seen ‘Hard Candy’ yet, but the trailer looks really dark, and I quite admire the risky premise. Also David Slade’s a Brit, so that’s reason enough for this to be good news. ’30 Days of Night’ is a really great comic book by Steve Niles, here’s the basic premise from his website:

“In a sleepy, secluded Alaska town called Barrow, the sun sets and doesn’t rise for over thirty consecutive days and nights. From the darkness, across the frozen wasteland, an evil will come that will bring the residents of Barrow to their knees. The only hope for the town is the Sheriff and Deputy, a husband and wife who are torn between their own survival and saving the town they love.”

“an evil will come” read:vampires.

i’ve read ’30 Days of Night’, ‘Dark Days’ and ‘Return to Barrow’, all of which I love, i’m a big fan of Steve Niles writing, and the premise is great, but I think i’m more interested to see how Ben Templesmith’s art is going to be translated to film, he has a very distinctive style, that is so far removed from normal comic artwork it’s almost a seperate medium. Also I really can’t get enough good vampire or zombie films, so the more they make the happier i’ll be.

Check out a review of ‘Hard Candy’ over here at Rolling Stone.

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