‘300′ comic to screen comparison **UPDATED**

OK my interest in the film ‘300’ is bordering on obsession. I thought it might be interesting to see how closely Zack Snyder is sticking to the original comic books. Pretty damn closely it appears.

I totally stole this idea from filmrot, as they did the same thing when Sin City came out (here) but well imitation is the highest form of flattery. Although 300 isn’t as close to the comic books as Sin City was it’s still interesting to see atleast that Snyder isn’t putting too much of his own ‘spin’ on things and is sticking to Frank Millers vision.

**UPDATE** THE 300 TRAILER IS ONLINE IN QUICKTIME AND HD, check it at apple.com here **UPDATE**

The image comparisons have now been updated with stills from the Hi-def apple trailer, however there are some stills that featured in the comicon leaked trailer (see below for links) that isn’t in the latest trailer, the comparisons for that footage is online in our flickr account here

If you haven’t seen the comicon trailer yet it’s kicking around here, here and here

Click through with the pink link at the bottom of this article to see the rest of the images or go straight to our flickr account here (unless you’re already on the article page that is)

To see bigger versions of these images click on a still to be taken to our flickr account where hi-res shots are available in the ‘all sizes’ menu above each image. Enjoy!

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